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Kenneth Smith
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The Old Wish Well, An Adventure for ALL Character Levels, Designed to fit into any RPG system

An Exciting fast start roll playing module with new creatures packed into a very different adventure. This module is intended to be adjustable so that it can be played using any game system, and existing characters of any level. This may be played after playing The Well Forgotten, or easily as a standalone module.

You have a treasure map. The maker of the map is now an old man. He admitted that more than once he found he had so much wealth that he found it necessary to hide it. It just seemed to him that down a well was somewhere no one would ever look. In his advanced age he did not remember any details of the treasure hidden in the Old Wish Well. He did recall that when he found the well there was a terrible storm, both of his pack mules were dead, and he could not carry all the weight of the gold on his warhorse. Thus he hid the treasure behind a doorway concealed halfway down the old wish well. The war was not going well, and the gold was property of King Noonan, being taken to the north to buy provisions and weapons to help in the war. After a small break in the winter weather he reached the road between the towns of Broken Creek and Envol where he placed seven large stones in a pile to mark his exit point from the woods.

Some parts of the Module:

About the Souterrain de l’eau Dragon: Unlike other Dragons, the Underground Water Dragon has very thin, even fragile skin. It is very easily harmed by any physical attack. It also has no more than 100 hit points regardless of its size or age. It is well aware of its inherent weakness, and takes great care to avoid combat. It is equipped with gills and is able to remain underwater its entire life. It is accustomed to ....

..... what this is. As if a mental story is projected into your mind you learn that; this was once Arlene Zarna, crazy during her life she killed for little or no reason. She was a vain woman that loved lavish furnishing and accommodations. She once killed a merchant’s wife and daughter only because he refused to sell her a lovely sofa and chair set that was already sold to someone else. In her after life she is cursed to remain in this un-furnished room for all time. Unable to speak, she is most unhappy because of the empty room that is her home for all time. A demon from hell has promised her a chair if she is able to grip the souls of 20 living things. After making her this “deal” he locked her in this magical large chest where she could not secure any souls unless some fool would first let her out! If defeated she will vanish to the 6th plane of hell. Only to be returned to this room the next day. But what the heck she is grateful that you let her out of the box, now all she requires of you is to touch your soul.

Several horse mounted soldiers down the road see you exit the woods to the roadway. These fighters will approach at full speed. Four archers remain at a distance of 35 yards flanking the east and west sides of the road with arrows at the ready. You notice the archers are ill equipped with no armor and short bows with only 6 arrows each. The three pike armed riders have no armor. They follow the leader and ride up to where you are at. The leader wears chain armor and is equipped with a long sword and a shield, while his three pike-men have no back up weapons except a dagger. The squad leader says; I demand ...

The grip is so tenacious that it is impossible to remove a living Grock from its target. And darn hard to pull a dead Grock off of your friend. Normally you will have to cut off its feet/claws, then later take off your armor and work at removing the embedded claws. You will discover the small hard claws embedded in whatever they held on to, including ...

About the author;
In 1980 I began my recreation as a D&D Dungeon Master playing adventures designed by myself I have spent countless hours having fun with my imagination.


The Old Wish Well = a role playing game module designed for any RPG system

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The Old Wish Well = a role playing game module designed for any RPG system by Kenneth Smith

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